Optical Lens Conveyor Systems

Monk Conveyor systems have been moving job trays around labs for more than 18 years via our optical lens conveyor, and we have established ourselves as a leading company in the optical industry with installations around the world.

“Improve efficiency of your optical lab with an automatic conveyor feed system for your job trays.  Our systems are designed to ensure that every processing machine is kept continuously fed with work”

The design of our optical lab conveyor systems take into consideration your machine capability,  site capacity, available footprint and people integration.  Bespoke optical lens conveyor systems fitted with your requirements will be proposed. We offer small systems through to full factory installation which feed job trays through many processes within the lab.

Our optical lens conveyor systems are stand-alone and work with many different processing machines.  This benefit provides you the freedom to choose processing machine suppliers and gives the ability to easily add different machine types in the future.  Conveyor feed systems are easy to modify, reconfigure and expand as your business grows.

Monk Conveyor systems use our standard Optical Devices to create a bespoke feed system.  This will be cost effective, reliable and tailored to your lab. Our standard Optical Devices includes Stop gates, Tray Pushers & Turners, Machine Link Conveyors, Tray Sensors, Auto Stacking Machines and Sorting machines.  Our Servo Drive Tray Lifts take trays above walkways, over machines or up onto mezzanine floors.

Monk’s software and touch screens make systems easy for operators to use and configure.  Our barcode and RFID readers mean we can identify job trays and use job specific VCA details to route work around your lab.  Our reporting system can provide useful data to measure the performance of your optical lens conveyor.

We have a good understanding of the automated optical lab process.  Please click below to see what we can offer in each area your Optical Lab.

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