Warehouse Management PC Software & WMS Comms

Our PC software uses standard modules along with our capability to write bespoke warehouse management software. This makes use of OPC-UA an industrial communication standard to communicate with the PLC and the other machinery on site.

Data from the site Manufacturing Software/Warehouse Management System (WMS) can be retrieved. This can then be used to populate a Monk database used for job tracking and routing. As jobs travel through each part of the production process, the job status can be updated. Updated data can then be sent back to the customer site software system. This can then be used for business analytics, quality assurance and job tracking. The customer can also use this data to track fulfilment of work orders, and to know when more production of different part numbers is required.

Data updates can be put into our warehouse management software using an Excel file in a standard template, which can then overwrite the relevant database fields. This software allows the customer to quickly make changes to data relating to production on-the-fly.

Our ability to connect the warehouse management software with machines, presses, baggers, labeller and printers enables us to provide a complete controlled and connected operating system.

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