Belt Conveyors

Our product range starts with our precision M1950 Medium Duty 0.9kw range up to our MHD-CU Heavy Duty 1.5kw steel and aluminium conveyors.  We can therefore provide a solution for many applications. The MHD-CU Heavy duty units are also used for Inter-Floor conveyors which offer simple and reliable method for transferring totes or cardboard boxes between floor levels.



Load Up to 15kg per meter Up to 25kg per meter
Belt Widths 40mm to 600mm 350mm to 850mm
Standard Speeds (meter/minute)** 3 / 5 / 10 / 14 / 18 12 / 15 / 19 / 24 / 30
Framework ‘M’ 40x40mm aluminium extrusion side frame with stainless steel top plate. 'MT’ 40x80mm aluminium extrusion side frame which encloses the belt. Stainless steel top plate. 175.5mm x 40mm powder coated steel or aluminium ‘C’ Section, having return folds for to retention of the facia.178mm x 32mm x 2.5mm fully jig-welded ‘Z’ section.
Key Features Compact size suitable for small to medium sized products.Small end rollers for good product transfer. Robust framework for heavy products and long distances. Available for incline, decline and horizontal travel.

** Final speeds will depend on the type of drive selected. Special speeds are also available.

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