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Customer Interview at Norville

The managing director of Norville explains how our team designed and installed a tailored conveyor feed system which helps improve their productivity.

MONK Glazing Feed System

Fully automated conveyor system feeding spectacle lens job trays into two lines.

Work is fed to Assembly and Quality control operatives. Our bar code system communicates and retrieves job information from the customer warehouse system.

MONK Tinting & Coating System

This is a conveyor system to help efficiently run optical tinting and coating rooms. Jobs are automatically routed and sorted using our barcode system which reads the job number and our software retrieves VCA tag data. This enables us to sort work into designated types. Work is automatically stored in our gravity roller storage tables. Work can also be automatically sorted by tint colour and tint graduation number.

Inspection, Packing & Dispatch

Automatic conveyor feed system distributing
to five inspection machines and then into two packaging
and dispatch lines.

Spectacle Lens Automatic Stores

Input:- Boxed lenses are manually placed on an infeed conveyor. Barcodes are checked and the boxes automatically placed onto an inclined conveyor leading to the stores. Boxes are allocated a destination of either Store 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Output:- Orders for lenses are entered into the computer system which sends a request to the controller. Lenses are then transferred into trays and then automatically conveyed to the dispatch department.

Automatic Optical Tray Handling

Trays are automatically loaded onto a stack storage conveyor at the start of the line. The trays are de-stacked and then conveyed to the ground floor of the factory. They are then fed automatically to all of the process machines. The conveyor system is controlled by a PLC (programmable logic controller) which communicates with all the machines individual PLCs. Sending and receiving signals concerning the loading and unloading of trays.

MONK Stacker M5000 Mark 2

Our Stacking Machine is used for the stacking of trays or boxes at the end of a production line at speeds up to 500 items per hour. The De-Stacking Machine is used at the beginning of a production line where items are supplied to the line in stacks to save space. They can also be used together to create a buffer store in a production line.

MONK Tray Sortation Unit

Shown here during proving trials at our customers factory. The operating speed of the system is 900+ trays per hour. It has 2 inputs and five outputs. It is perfect for merging and balancing production lines.

Fully Automatic Machine Loading

Trays are automatically loaded into one of five lanes in the storage system where they wait in a queue. There are 16 trays in each lane giving a storage capacity of 80 trays. One Flex Chain ‘Load/Unload Conveyor’ runs the complete length of the system, from the tray storage system past all six machines to an out-feed conveyor. The ‘Load/Unload Conveyor’ has 5 load units and 5 unload units together with sensors and stop gates. The Load/Unload conveyor system is controlled by a PLC (programmable logic controller) which communicates with the five machines PLCs. Sending and receiving signals concerning the loading and unloading of trays.

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