Optical Lens Conveyor Systems

Lens Glazing Conveyor Machines

Our Monk lens glazing feed system continually feeds to optical glazing machines.  The system will make sure each machine is constantly fed with work for maximum machine use.  If one machine is not operating, work will automatically be directed to other machines.

Software handles processed and unprocessed jobs on a single lens glazing conveyor saving valuable floor space.

  • Single main feed conveyor minimises floor space
  • Maintains good access to optical lens glazing machines
  • Operators can manage a line of 2 to 5 of the same type of machine
  • No need for lifters or high level track
  • Trays queue into machines and sensors make sure the machines stay full
  • Machines can be switched off for maintenance and the line will keep operating
  • Independent control and software system
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • HMI touch screen for easy operation
  • Pneumatic low pressure pushers for safe operator use
  • Emergency stop safety circuit
  • Optional line mimic with fault flags
  • Optional bar code system to route trays to specific machines
  • Typical speeds of around 250 trays per hour per production Cell*.  A number of Cells can be laid out for an efficient flow of work

*Feed rates vary depending on the size and speed of the machines.

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