Mat Top Conveyors

Mat Top offers solution for conveying large products. The belt surface is flat and smooth and designed to be easy to clean where hygiene is important.

MONK Conveyors work with Jonge Poerink (JP) to successfully deliver robust Mat Top systems within the UK. Established in 1932, Jonge Poerink Conveyors based in The Netherlands have developed into a globally acknowledged specialist in reliable conveying systems for both Food and Non-Food markets.

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Flexible and Hygienic Design

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Sanicurve Hygienic Handling

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Food Spiral Conveyor

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Robust Straight Conveyors

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Efficient Accumulating Table

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Reliable Transfers

Please contact us for more information on many more JP products which are available.

MODU System Mat Top

MONK Conveyors is an Approved System Builder for MODU System plastic chain conveyors and has built and installed a variety of systems since 2007.

Standard chain material is acetal resin (POM) with the conveyor frame available in aluminium or stainless steel, which is selected depending on the customer environment.

Our Mat Top conveyors are fully compatible with our MODU FlexChain conveyors and are used in many different industries such as Food, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Electrical and packaging.

Mat Top Chain

  • Choice of PP or POM
  • Modular construction
  • Easy to clean


  • 90 degree bend
  • Modular construction
  • Side guides to suit

Adjustable Side Guides

  • Aluminium extrusion
  • Replaceable plastic wear strip
  • Adjustable for height and width
  • Can be bent to form a lead in
  • Fully compatible with our MODU FlexChain

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