Pneumatic Vertical Lifts

Monk Conveyors Pneumatic Lifts handle small to medium size products. They are ideal where speeds are slow as the lift takes one product up at time and are used to efficiently take product up to high level above walkways or over machinery. The same pneumatic method can then be used to bring product back down again to floor level. They can be very compact taking a minimal floor space. They use a low friction vertically mounted rod-less cylinder with ball bearing slide for low maintenance.

  • Compact
  • Slow gentle Speed
  • Access door
  • Simple controls
  • Static or moving belt platform options
  • Infeed and Outfeed Pneumatic Pushers
  • 1 Product every 12 seconds depending on height
  • Transfer heights from 500mm to 4000mm approx.

Mechanical Chain Lifter

The Chain Lifter handles small to medium size products, but the handling speed is fast due to continuous movement of the lift. Chain lifters consist of two pairs of vertical chains with flights attached to lift the product. To keep our design simple and easy to maintain a single motor drives both sides of the lift. This helps to keep the control system simple and there is no need for an expensive servo motor drive.

  • Compact
  • Fast continuous speed
  • Access door
  • Simple controls
  • Single motor mechanical drive
  • Infeed and Outfeed Pneumatic Pushers
  • 1 Product every 4 seconds
  • Lengths 500 to 3000mm approx.

Mechanical Lifts – Qimarox

For medium to heavy product Monk Conveyors uses Qimarox material handling machinery as part of our systems. Their equipment includes palletisers, product lifts, pallet lifts, packaging machines and guarding systems. Integrating these standard units into our systems helps us achieve cost effective solutions and utilises tried and tested standard equipment. Monk Conveyors will design and build the necessary conveyors to feed to and from the units. We will also add guarding and a control system.

Qimarox equipment combines high performance with low costs and has advantages of:

  • Modular design, for quick and easy installation and modification.
  • Multifunctional and versatile so machinery can combine different tasks.
  • Durable requiring low levels of maintenance.

Mezzanine Floor Product Transfer

Powered Roller Lift Platform

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