Pick and Place Machine

Our pneumatic pick and place machine offers a cost-effective, precise and reliable method of moving product from one position to another.  This could be from a jig, fixture, pallet or conveyor.  They are perfect when the full flexibility of a robot is not needed.  They are simple and easy to maintain with basic fault finding required. 

 Vertical and horizontal with standard Festo cylinders using ball bearing precision slides 

  • Reed sensors for cylinder position detection 
  • Festo Gripper heads 
  • Bespoke precision jaw/grippers designed to suit the product and application 
  • Vacuum cup product placement utilising Festo and Piab systems 
  • Long reach options using linear slides. 
  • Camera analysis for inspection or product orientation 
  • Barcode reading 
  • PLC control with HMI operator interface 

We have a comprehensive range of standard conveyors and automation devices. By using as many standard products within our systems, they will be reliable, easy to maintain and cost-effective. Our engineering design capability means we can also manufacture special equipment to help automate your product assembly or test.

Pick and Place Systems 

Our pick and place systems are designed specially to suit the application so please contact us for further information. 

Paper Removal Pick and Place Machine

Large Rubber/Wood Sheet Moving

Component Placement Machinery

Our Assembly Machine Background

Vacuum Cup Pick and Place Machine

Camera Inspection Analysis

Optical Lens Transfer Machine

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