Conveyor Control Systems

Typical Control panel

Monk Conveyors designs and builds control systems and carries out a full mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and software setup. Controls range from a single motor, up to a full control system with a HMI touch screen, line mimic and bar code system.

The control panel will be designed to suit the line. Rockwell Allen Bradley PLC’s are used as standard, but if customers have specific requirements then we will use Siemens, Mitsubishi or other leading manufacturers.

Cable routing and piping around the system will be finished to a high standard, to give a clean appearance to the system. Systems can be fully labelled and we will always work to the customer’s specific requirements when required.

Our distribution software can manage the conveying of products along predefined routes to selected machinery. This enables you to move products accurately and cost effectively through your factory. Machines will be kept fed with work without the need for operators to manually feed them. This reduces machine idle times and production costs. Conveyors can stop and start automatically; queues of products can be controlled. If a machine is out of action for maintenance, there can be options to route product to other areas. Our system can communicate with barcode readers and other machine control systems..

We often need to work around existing machinery and can pause downstream machines to allow the line to control all equipment.

Remote access to the PLC and barcode system means that we can dial in to make minor software changes and assist site with problem solving. This allows for improvements or changes to be made quickly and without a PLC software engineer visiting site. This system can also be used for fault finding from our central office.

We pay a lot of attention to the panel layout

Neat wiring is very important


Display Screen Information (HMI)

Touch Screen displays (HMI’s) make it easier for operators to run a system. Clear information is displayed and instructions and help screens can be added. Fault finding messages can make it easier to find problems quickly.

Mimic screens show a graphical representation of the production line. They can then display the status of each part of the line, by changing colour to indicate if there is a problem or showing which status the line is in. If there was a blockage, a section of the line may show in red so an operator can go straight to the problem area.

Screens can also allow operators to adjust the line settings and these can be password protected to ensure only trained people have access.

Production performance can be displayed. Information on how many jobs are in the system, or a count of how many jobs have been sent to certain machines can be recorded. These can be displayed on large screens.

Control panel with small touch screen

Screen mimic of the production area

Change settings and product routes

Example screen mimic of the product route


Remote Access

Software modifications can be made with our secure remote system. This allows for improvements or changes to be made quickly and without a PLC software engineer visiting site. This system can also be used for fault finding.

conveyor display conveyor display

Risk Assessment and CE Marking

Monk Conveyors can provide Risk Assessments at the design stage and for installation. Method studies will be carried out and submitted for all our installations. These are a good opportunity to think about the work which is going to be carried out and make sure both our engineers and the customer are prepared.

Our products are CE marked and will be fitted with a CE plate with machinery details.

Health and Safety of our staff and your staff is an absolute priority on every site. Monk Conveyors use The Health and Safety People to assist us in managing our health and safety and our safety policy, both in our factory and on our customer sites.

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