PLC Control Software (Programmable Logic Controller)

Programmable Logic Controller software will control the sequencing of the system. It will be designed to operate in a logical and easy to use method. Motors will be shut down when they are not required to be operated which will save energy and reduce wear.

The PLC software will be designed to self-recover where possible and reduce the amount of product which needs to be manually moved after an interruption to the running (i.e. power loss, emergency stop).

Our product distribution software can manage the conveying of products along predefined routes to selected machinery. This enables products to be fed accurately and cost effectively through your factory. Machines or operators will be kept fed with work without the need to manually move goods around. This reduces idle times and production costs. Conveyors can stop and start automatically; and queues of products can be controlled. If a machine is out of action for maintenance, there can be options to route product to other areas. Our programmable logic controller system can communicate with barcode readers/RFID scanners and other machine control systems.

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