Optical Systems

Alloy Cooling

Conveyors can be utilised to create the Alloy cooling time required.  We offer a number of options for cooling.  The design can fit around existing machines and layouts.  Conveyor speed and length will be calculated to give the right cooling time and production throughput.

  • High level track to save floor space
  • Track can pass over machines and walkways
  • Ceiling or floor supports
  • Lifters or incline conveyors used to take the trays to high level and bring them down to floor level again
  • Sensors and control manages the system
  • Emergency stop safety circuit
  • Optional HMI touch screen for easy operation
  • Optional line mimic with fault flags
  • Typical capacity between 200 to 800 trays per hour depending on the factory output

An alternative option can use our standard Tray Stacker and De-Stacking machines to create tray cooling and buffer storage.

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