Optical Lens Conveyor Systems

Alloy Cooling Conveyor

An alloy cooling conveyor is utilised to create the cooling time required.  We offer a number of options for alloy cooling. The design can fit around existing machines and layouts. Conveyor speed and length will be calculated to give the right cooling time and production throughput.

  • High level track to save floor space
  • Cooling conveyor track can pass over machines and walkways
  • Ceiling or floor supports
  • Lifters or incline conveyors used to take the trays to high level and bring them down to floor level again
  • Sensors and control manages the system
  • Emergency stop safety circuit
  • Optional HMI touch screen for easy operation
  • Optional line mimic with fault flags
  • Typical capacity between 200 to 800 trays per hour depending on the factory output

An alternative option can use our standard Lens Tray Stacker and De-Stacking machines to create tray cooling and buffer storage.

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