What is MODU Flexible Chain Conveyor?

60 Second Explainer Video

MODU flexible chain conveyors are smooth and efficient conveyors, able to transport products across factories with ease. They have the options of a wide variety of chains, bends, guides and supports. These key elements mean they can be installed by MONK to suit each customer’s specific requirements. The MODU design allows the conveyors to travel horizontally, on inclines and even vertically fitting the needs of many factories.

These conveyors are fast and effective, increasing productivity in factories and providing a reliable product flow. Guide rails included keep products on track enhancing safety and proficiency for the production line and staff.


Technology and Control

A key part of any MODU conveyor system is the electrical conveyor control system and software. This controls how the system operates and provides control and information to staff and maintenance. We design and build automation and conveyor control systems and carry out full mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and software installation and setup.

Our electrical control panels are designed and built in-house. We also have our own software engineering team for both PLC and PC warehouse-based software. This helps us provide a high level of flexibility and maximum support to our customers.

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Packing Lines

Packing Conveyor Lines are designed around packing tables and benches to help to reduce manual handling and improve efficiency. Packing Lines convey either packing material or products to and from the packing staff. This allows them to focus on packing and not spend time moving material or products around.

Our packing lines can control the flow of products and make sure that every person is continually fed with work. The system is easy to use and improves efficiency. Packing stations are also designed to be ergonomic and comfortable for staff to use.


We also supply Belt Conveyors, Roller, Pallet, Carton Lifts, Spiral Conveyors, Flexible Chain, Matt Top all with full Electrical Control, Software and Installation.

Monk Conveyors supply and install full-working conveyor systems which are designed to suit your specific needs. We install full pneumatic and electrical control with operator touch screens if required.

Our control systems range from simple stop starts up to barcode capable controls, capable of communicating with your Warehouse Management System (WMS).

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