What is Pick to Light – 60 Seconds Explainer Video

A Pick to Light System shows staff quickly and efficiently where they should pick from. The system lights up a tote bin, shelf location or pocket (pigeon hole) within a stores/warehouse area. Staff see the light and know instantly this is the location of the product they need to pick.

“This system maximizes product storage in a small footprint. It greatly reduces picking time and the chance of picking mistakes”

A Pick to Light system can have a massive impact by increasing:

  1. Speed as staff do not have to look for a location or use memory to know where a type of product is.
  2. Efficiency because work which is close together can be picked together. Therefore, reducing the amount of walking.
  3. Accuracy as staff will pick from a location that has a light, there is less chance of an error by picking from the wrong location.


Optical Industry

MONK has established ourselves as a leading company in the Optical Industry with installations around the world.

“Improve efficiency of your optical lab with an automatic conveyor feed system for your job trays. Our systems are design to ensure that every processing machine is kept continuously fed with work”

The design of our optical lab conveyor systems, take into consideration your machine capability, site capacity, available footprint and people integration.

  • We offer small systems through to full factory installations which feed job trays through many processes within the lab.
  • Our systems are stand-alone and work with many different processing machines.
  • Conveyor feed systems are easy to modify, reconfigure and expand as your business grows.

Our engineers have built up over 25 years experience in conveying and handling equipment. Please contact us or call 01252 369800 and we will be happy to discuss your application.

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