Conveyor Sortation and Packing Lines Video

The Head of Online Fulfilment for Card Factory explains how efficient Sortation Systems and Packing Lines have helped with the growth of the company.

Sortation System

A sortation system automatically separates and sorts products into different bin locations. Product moves continuously through the system and therefore high levels of throughput can be achieved.

The sortation project shown in the video sorts greetings cards, bags, and gifts into 40 bin locations. The barcode is read and the product travels to the correct bin with smooth and safe operation.

Fast moving industries such as Retail, Online Fulfilment, Warehouse and Distribution centres can see major improvements in efficiency and capability. We will work closely with you to understand your process and design a system which works within current and future needs.

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Packing Lines

Packing Conveyor Lines are designed around packing tables and benches to help to reduce manual handling and improve efficiency. Packing Lines convey either packing material or products to and from the packing staff. This allows them to focus on packing and not spend time moving material or products around.

Our packing lines can control the flow of products and make sure that every person is continually fed with work. The system is easy to use and improves efficiency. Packing stations are also designed to be ergonomic and comfortable for staff to use.

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We also supply Belt Conveyors, Roller, Pallet, Carton Lifts, Spiral Conveyors, Flexible Chain, Matt Top all with full Electrical Control, Software and Installation.

Monk Conveyors supply and install full working systems which are designed to suit your specific needs. We install full pneumatic and electrical control with operator touch screens if required.

Our control systems range from simple stop starts up to barcode capable controls, capable of communicating with your Warehouse Management System (WMS).

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