Warehouse Packing and Sortation

warehouse packing and sortation system

Our packing conveyor systems help to create efficient packing areas.  Systems take up small floor space and allow multiple pack tables to sit on both sides of a central feed conveyor.  Packers can randomly place product onto the conveyor which feeds work away.  The system creates gaps between the product before feeding under barcodunit.  Monk Conveyors work with SICK and an OPS690 Scanning Rig is commonly used.  This has the ability to scan product from multiple angles if required. 


Barcode Data enables us to question the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and retrieve information which can be used to route product.  Routing can be by product type, job number, size, pre-set flags or courier type and to a number of destinations. 

The product is routed using a number of standard options including side belts, diverter arms, air blows and switch sorters as shown in this project.  The switch sorter quickly diverts to one of three lanes without slowing the product down. 


Touch Screen displaymake it easier for operators to run a system. Clear information is displayed and help screens can be added. Fault finding messages make it easier to find problems quickly.   

 Mimic screens show a graphical representation of the production line. They can then display the status of each part of the line by changing colour. If there is a blockage, a section of the line can be highlighted to show an operator the location of the problem.  Screens can also allow operators to adjust the line settings and these can be password protected to ensure only trained personnel have access.  

 Remote access to the PLC and barcode systems means that we can dial in to make minor software changes and assist site with problem solving. 

 All systems are mechanically and electrically installed with full handover and training.  Service and maintenance contracts can be provided along with critical spares. 

We Also Supply 
Belt and Pallet Conveyors 

Monk Conveyors supply and install full working systems which are designed to suit your specific needs.  We install full pneumatic and electrical control with operator touch screens if required.  Our control systems range from simple stop starts up to barcode capable controls, capable of communicating with your Warehouse Management System (WMS). 

Please contact us on 01252 369800 or email sales@monk-conveyors.co.uk for help and advice.