Industries Using MONK Conveyors

Packed Food Handling

We supply conveyor systems and product handling solutions to a wide range of industries. Designing a handling system involves careful consideration of product, operators, machines throughput and line capacity. Each industry has specific needs and our wide range of products and our experience help us work with customers to meet their requirements.

Our roller conveyors are a cost-efficient solution for the many metres of track used in handling totes and parcels in warehouses or packing halls. Pallets can also be handled on our special purpose pallet system, feeding to robots, wrappers or racking.

Our Flat Belt and MODU Flex Chain conveyors are ideal to handle everything from medical items, pharmaceutical & personal products, automotive components, wrapped food products, optical lenses, candles and many more. Larger heavy duty belt conveyors can handle cartons feeding between mezzanine floors and bagged laundry.

Examples Photo's of Food, Medical and Automative Systems

Example Photo's of Parcel, Warehouse, Sortation and Optical Conveyors

Examples Photo's of Tea, Candle Cooling, and Sushi Convyeors,