Conveyor Videos

Conveyor Systems

Roller Conveyor System

Roller Conveyor system at Creative Models Ltd with fully automatic routing to three packing stations. Input to the control system is by Barcode Reader.

Gripper Conveyors

Gripper conveyors enable products to be transferred vertically from low level to high level and back again, allowing access under the system for engineers, forklift trucks, etc.

Recent Conveyor Projects

Some of our recent projects. We can supply small individual conveyors, through to complete fully automated factory installations. Our systems use PLC control with distribution software, sensors, pneumatics and electrics. Our installation and service team will give you full support and training.

Spectacle Lens Automatic Stores

Input:- Boxed lenses are manually placed on an infeed conveyor. Barcodes are checked and the boxes automatically placed onto an inclined conveyor leading to the stores. Boxes are allocated a destination of either Store 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Output:- Orders for lenses are entered into the computer system which sends a request to the controller. Lenses are then transferred into trays and then automatically conveyed to the dispatch department.

Automatic Optical Tray Handling

Trays are automatically loaded onto a stack storage conveyor at the start of the line. The trays are de-stacked and then conveyed to the ground floor of the factory. They are then fed automatically to all of the process machines. The conveyor system is controlled by a PLC (programmable logic controller) which communicates with all the machines individual PLCs. Sending and receiving signals concerning the loading and unloading of trays.

MONK Stacker M5000 Mark 2

Our Stacking Machine is used for the stacking of trays or boxes at the end of a production line at speeds up to 500 items per hour. The De-Stacking Machine is used at the beginning of a production line where items are supplied to the line in stacks to save space. They can also be used together to create a buffer store in a production line.

MONK Tray Sortation Unit

Shown here during proving trials at our customers factory. The operating speed of the system is 900+ trays per hour. It has 2 inputs and five outputs. It is perfect for merging and balancing production lines.

Drinking Cup Lift M5000

Six systems transferring stacks of drinking cups from the ground floor through a mezzanine floor and into the top of automatic machines.

Conveyor Diverters

Video showing the range of standard diverters that can be used with our Flex Chain Conveyors. They allow product queues to be controlled when used on high speed packaging lines. Conveyor speed of 60 meters per minute are possible.

Fully Automatic Refill Testing

This video shows an inhaler refill handling system undergoing proving trials in our Aldershot facility. The system is based on our Modu Flex Chain conveyor with special attachments fitted to the chain. The system has a fully automatic infeed, outfeed and reject station. The final operating speed was 150 cycles per minute.

Fully Automatic Machine Loading

Trays are automatically loaded into one of five lanes in the storage system where they wait in a queue. There are 16 trays in each lane giving a storage capacity of 80 trays. One Flex Chain 'Load/Unload Conveyor' runs the complete length of the system, from the tray storage system past all six machines to an out-feed conveyor. The 'Load/Unload Conveyor' has 5 load units and 5 unload units together with sensors and stop gates. The Load/Unload conveyor system is controlled by a PLC (programmable logic controller) which communicates with the five machines PLCs. Sending and receiving signals concerning the loading and unloading of trays.

Tea bag Carton Handling Line

Shows a typical carton conveying line.

Roller Conveyors

Steel Roller Conveyors

This video shows some of the units that we use with the Lineshaft Powered Roller Conveyor to build a fully automatic handling system. They include: Zero Line Pressure Section, Vertical Blade Stop, Corner Turn Unit, Belt Cross Transfer, Cross Pusher, Switch Sorter, Rotating Blade Stop, Wheel Bend, Driven Roller Bend, Vertical Lift Chain Transfer, Lift-Up Gate.

Aluminium Roller Conveyor

Developed for its functional and aesthetic properties one of the key features of the Conveyor Units comprehensive aluminium range of products is its looks, being particularly suited where the environment calls for a more aesthetically pleasing design where image is important. It is extraordinarily versatile, having some unique qualities, such as formability, high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and ease of recycling. It is virtually maintenance free, important if used in inaccessible areas. The metal's natural coating of aluminium oxide assists in providing a barrier to the ravages of air, temperature, moisture and chemical attack, making it a useful conveyor construction material in many applications.

Zero Line Pressure Roller Conveyor

This video demonstrates the advantages of using a Zero Line Pressure Roller Conveyor when you do not want items to queue by pressing against one another. In this case plastic trays are being used to collate medical items before being packed.

Storage Systems

Component Storage System

Our component buffer storage system is based on our Flex Chain Conveyor system. It has been designed to store high precision machined components in separate compartments eliminating damage. Finished components are automatically unloaded from a machining center and placed into to a compartment on the storage conveyor, The conveyor then indexes one position. It enables a machining center to continue running without an operator present for long periods, for example during the night.

Stacking / Destacking

Stacking Carousel

Fully automatic stacking machine adapted for small flat packs. It has 50 removable magazines. The large capacity of the storage carousel means that operators do not need to visit the machine very often to unload full magazines.

Tray De-stacking/Stacking System

A stack of 14 empty trays are placed on the input conveyor by the operator. The stack is automatically conveyed into the machine to the de-stacked position. The bottom tray is separated and conveyed to the filling position. Once the tray is filled with the correct number components it is then conveyed to the stacking position where it is re-stacked. Once 14 trays have been stacked they are discharged from the system on an output conveyor.


Multiple Continuous Lift

Used for continuously transferring items between floors or to overhead conveyors. The narrow cross section allows it to be situated in the most restricted space. It is most suitable for high transfer rates. We can also supply lift conveyors to suit a specific requirement. Please consult our sales department for details of the many options available.

Single Lift

This single product lift can be used to effortlessly and quickly lift a wide variety of products such as boxes, cases, trays or bags, to and from any height you require. The product is always shipped in an upright position to prevent product deformation. Maximum Load: 100kg Capacity: Up to 500 units/hr

Continuous Lift

This efficient product lift can be used to effortlessly and continuously lift a wide variety of products such as boxes, cases, trays or bags, to and from any height you require. The product is always shipped in an upright position to prevent product deformation. Maximum Load: 50kg / carrier Capacity: Up to 2000 units/hr

Special Conveyors

Special High Speed Conveyor

MONK Conveyors Special Projects. This video shows a special conveyor that runs at speeds from 10 to 450 meters per minute. It was designed for a company that required a high speed moving belt to help them develop their scanners.

Cleanroom Airlock Conveyor

Our cleanroom airlock being demonstrated in our factory.