Tote and Parcel Videos

Steel Roller Conveyors

This video shows some of the units that we use with the Lineshaft Powered Roller Conveyor to build a fully automatic handling system. They include: Zero Line Pressure Section, Vertical Blade Stop, Corner Turn Unit, Belt Cross Transfer, Cross Pusher, Switch Sorter, Rotating Blade Stop, Wheel Bend, Driven Roller Bend, Vertical Lift Chain Transfer, Lift-Up Gate.

Aluminium Roller Conveyor

Developed for its functional and aesthetic properties one of the key features of the Conveyor Units comprehensive aluminium range of products is its looks, being particularly suited where the environment calls for a more aesthetically pleasing design where image is important. It is extraordinarily versatile, having some unique qualities, such as formability, high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and ease of recycling.

It is virtually maintenance-free, important if used in inaccessible areas. The metal’s natural coating of aluminium oxide assists in providing a barrier to the ravages of air, temperature, moisture and chemical attack, making it a useful conveyor construction material in many applications.

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