Special Machinery Videos

Conveyor Diverters

Video showing the range of standard diverters that can be used with our Flex Chain Conveyors. They allow product queues to be controlled when used on high speed packaging lines. Conveyor speed of 60 meters per minute are possible.

Fully Automatic Refill Testing

This video shows an inhaler refill handling system undergoing proving trials in our Aldershot facility. The system is based on our Modu Flex Chain conveyor with special attachments fitted to the chain.

The system has a fully automatic infeed, outfeed and reject station. The final operating speed was 150 cycles per minute.

Component Storage System

Our component buffer storage system is based on our Flex Chain Conveyor system. It has been designed to store high precision machined components in separate compartments eliminating damage.

Finished components are automatically unloaded from a machining centre and placed into a compartment on the storage conveyor, the conveyor then indexes one position. It enables a machining centre to continue running without an operator present for long periods, for example during the night.

Stacking Carousel

Fully automatic stacking machine adapted for small flat packs. It has 50 removable magazines. The large capacity of the storage carousel means that operators do not need to visit the machine very often to unload full magazines.

Tray De-stacking/Stacking System

A stack of 14 empty trays are placed on the input conveyor by the operator. The stack is automatically conveyed into the machine to the de-stacked position. The bottom tray is separated and conveyed to the filling position.

Once the tray is filled with the correct number of components it is then conveyed to the stacking position where it is re-stacked. Once 14 trays have been stacked they are discharged from the system on an output conveyor.

Special High-Speed Conveyor

MONK Conveyors Special Projects. This video shows a special conveyor that runs at speeds from 10 to 450 meters per minute.

It was designed for a company that required a high speed moving belt to help them develop their scanners.

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