Food & Packaging Case History

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The Bradman Lake Group Ltd is a leader in packaging technology solutions, incorporating the world-renowned Autowrappers and Europack brands. Our projects consisted of an infeed and outfeed conveyor system.

The infeed systems used Modu System 85, 145 and 225mm wide conveyors handling a variety of different sized wrapped baked product. The high speed system rans at over 60 m/min. The stainless steel conveyors included friction topped chain and SEW motor gearbox drives.

Each of our three systems consisted of around 15 Modu System conveyors per line..

The outfeed system handled 605mm x 400mm x 150mm plastic baskets fed on a two tier stainless steel roller conveyor system.Empty baskets feed in on the lower level and once filled, full baskets would merge onto one outfeed line.

Monk designed a line which would feed at a production rate of one basket every 2 seconds from a single line distributing 5 machines.Our control system managed the line, rapidly diverting empty baskets to make sure no machine was starved or work.

A full HMI touch screen with a graphical representation of the line was developed showing faults and sensors.

The line was fully assembled and tested in the UK before breaking down and reassembling at the customer site in the Middle East.

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