Food Packing Conveyor System

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Mars Drinks in Basingstoke required a bespoke food packing conveyor system to take stacks of empty KLIX cups continuously up 4.7 meters through a mezzanine floor. The line allowed Empty Cup Machines to be relocated to the ground floor while stacks could still be automatically loaded into the Cup Filling Machines. Production rates are at 14 stacks per minute on each of the six individual lines.

As many standard conveyors as possible were used to create a continuous lifting system for the stacks. This helped to keep costs down while maintaining reliability by using tried and tested conveyor products.

Modu MM 85mm wide chain with large cleats lifted up the cups. A pneumatic reject push was also included. Guarding around the system was included with guard interlock doors. The food packing conveyor system was fully mechanically installed at individual times planning around Mars’ busy production schedule.

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