Food Product Conveyor Case History

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Abel & Cole, the organic food suppliers, have used Monk Conveyors to assist with modifications and improvements to the food product conveyors within their factory.

Adding conveyors into small packing lines helps throughput and allows work to be processed in an orderly fashion. Also, it helps with ergonomics by reducing the need for lifting heavy boxes.

The packing line conveyor system allows empty boxes to queue in front of operators. Boxes can then be packed and once complete they are released to the dispatch area. Each box is then controlled and released so operators can easily remove them from the line.

Additional features were toggle switches for operators to be able to pause areas of the line, and variable speed controls.

A powered roller conveyor was the ideal choice and was installed with PLC control, pneumatic gates and pushers to control the flow of the boxes.

The project included full mechanical and electrical installations, followed by training and handover to the customer.

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