Typical Conveyor Installations


Fully Automatic Lift & Box Delivery System

roller conveyor

We have supplied and installed an impressive Lift and box delivery system in JD Sports new store in Oxford Street in London.  The warehouse containing the products is situated below the sale area in  the store. The problem was, to easily call for products and have them efficiently delivered to the sales area. When a certain product is requested by a salesman the storeman picks the correct box and places it on the roller conveyor. It is then quickly transported up the continuous lift and to the sales counter area.


Stores Delivery System

conveyor system

Input:- Boxed lenses are manually placed on an infeed conveyor. Barcodes are checked and the boxes automatically placed onto an inclined conveyor leading to the stores. Boxes are allocated a destination of either Store 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Output:- Orders for lenses are entered into the computer system which sends a request to the controller. Lenses are then transferred into trays are then automatically conveyed to the dispatch department.

conveyor system

Fully Automatic Cleanroom Exit System

conveyor system

Items are queued on a flat belt conveyor in the cleam room.  Our cleanroom airlock being demonstrated in our factory.  The items then automatically enter an airlock one at a time.  They exit the airlock and a conveyes to a 'parking' position ready for dispatch.

conveyor system

Fully Automatic Tray Handling System

conveyor system

Trays are automatically loaded onto a stack storage conveyor at the start of the line. The trays are de-stacked and then conveyed to the ground floor of the factory. They are then fed automatically to all of the process machines. The conveyor system is controlled by a PLC (programmable logic controller) which communicates with all the machines individual PLCs. Sending and receiving signals concerning the loading and unloading of trays.

conveyor system

Fully Automatic Machine Loading System

conveyor system

Trays containing components are automatically loaded into one of five lanes in the storage system where they wait in a queues. There are 16 trays in each lane giving a storage capacity of 80 trays. One Flex Chain 'Load/Unload Conveyor' runs the complete length of the system, from the tray storage system past all six machines to an out-feed conveyor. The 'Load/Unload Conveyor' has 5 load units and 5 unload units together with sensors and stop gates. The Load/Unload conveyor system is controlled by a PLC (programmable logic controller) which communicates with the five machines PLCs. Sending and receiving signals concerning the loading and unloading of trays.

conveyor system

Monk Conveyors has mechanical and electrical installation teams. We can provide you with the complete “turnkey” installation. We appreciate that production output will often still be required while installations continue, so we will carefully plan our installation and work with you to find the best solution which causes minimal disruption.

We will offer the following services as part of our installations:

  • Installation Plan and Site meetings
  • Logistics for delivery and unloading on site
  • Risk Assessment and Method Study (RAMS), PPE and PAT tested site equipment
  • Attending site inductions
  • Provide or nominate First Aiders
  • Provide removal of waste
  • Mechanical Installation
  • Electrical Installation
  • Control Panel supply, installation and setup
  • Software write and testing
  • Commissioning and handover
  • System sign off and snagging
  • Operating training
  • Maintenance mechanical and electrical training
  • Documentation including Instruction manual, maintenance, spares and electrical drawings
  • Service and maintenance contracts

Health and Safety of our staff and your staff is an absolute priority on every site. Monk Conveyors use The Health and Safety People to assist us in managing our health and safety and our safety policy, both in our factory and on our customer sites.

risk management