Tote & Parcel Case History


Click to download pdf copy based in London sells personalised greeting cards. б═In 2007 the company was responsible for 90 percent of the online greeting card market in the United Kingdom.б═ Due to expansion within their factory they required a high level conveyor to run from a mezzanine floor across the top of machines and down to a packing area.б═ This consisted of a 58 meter conveyor run up at 4.6 meters in the air.б═ The conveyor was supported from the building internal wall.

Conveyor speed was 15 m/min using close pitch roller conveyor with 35mm diameter rollers.б═ This suited the large range of large to small parcels.

A control system shut down the conveyors to save energy when not in use and sensors stopped a build product. The project included full mechanical and electrical installations, followed by training and handover to the customer.

overhead conveyor
overhead conveyor
conveyor bend
incline conveyor