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About Us

MONK Conveyors Limited is a privately owned British company established 22 years ago. We are conveniently situated in Aldershot, south west of London. We have an extensive range of conveyors which includes flat belt conveyors, flex chain conveyors, mat top modular belt conveyors, powered and gravity roller conveyors, elevators and hoppers. We also have a range of special equipment suitable for use with our conveyors, such as rotating storage tables, vertical lifts, stop gates and escapements. This extensive range enables us to choose the best conveyor for each application.  By using well proven modules our systems are reliable, easy to maintain and cost effective.  Our engineers have a strong engineering background and are very experienced in the field of both conveying and production engineering. We are used to handling a large variety of customers products from a wide range of industries and can offer you the very best advice and select the right equipment for your requirements.  Our installation and service team are always ready to give you full support, either locally or internationally.



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