Tote & Parcel Handling Case History


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Westland Horticulture was established in 1990 in Dungannon, County Tyrone.б═ It has now one of the leading and fastest growing horticultural companies in the UK.б═ Monk Conveyors has carried out work at the Cambridgeshire site.

Westland were looking for a method to transport plastic totes from a mezzanine picking area 3.2m high down to floor level.б═ The totes were 400 X 600mm with weights of 10Kg to 25Kg.

Two 550mm wide steel frame grip top inter floor belt conveyor were installed.б═ These brought the totes down to the ground floor where they transferred onto 600mm wide roller track.б═ To feed to the packing station the conveyor was split into zones so the totes were evenly spaced along the conveyor.

roller conveyor
tote conveyor

Operatives could then remove a tote for packing and the system would drive remaining totes forward.б═ Therefore they would always have a continual flow of work.

The project included full mechanical and electrical installations, followed by training and handover to the customer.

incline conveyor
tote conveyor